Monday, May 9, 2011

New logo: Sanofi

Last Friday, May 6, the shareholders of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis approved a decision to shorten the company name to Sanofi. At the same time the company presented and launched a new logo.

Sanofi-Aventis was created in 2004 when Sanofi-Synthelabo bought Aventis. Both preceeding companies were created through mergers in 1999, so this is the first non-merger identity for the company in a while. Sanofi-Synthelabo was created in Elf's Sanofi and L'Oréal's Synthélabo, while Aventis was formed from the German Hoechst and the French Rhône-Poulenc. The shortened name with its consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel structure is easier to pronounce in many different languages.

The new logo includes a new sybmol, called the "Bird of Hope", symbolizing the hope the company's products brings to its costumers. The symbol is made up of three shapes which form a stylized bird. The colours used are blue for water, green for earth, ochre for fire and white for air. The symbol has several meanings, including representing the three principles that sum up Sanofi's strategy.

Previous logo.

Sanofi have posted the following explanation of the logo on their website:
Sanofi's new icon represents the hope that it brings to the 7 billion people around the world and its focus on the patient.

As Sanofi's strategy is built on three key principles (Innovation, Adaptability, and External Growth), the icon is made of three complementary shapes that make a whole: a planet with the bird of hope in the center. These three shapes structure its ambition, which puts the patient at the center of Sanofi employees' activities. The three shapes equally represent the diversity of Sanofi's divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates various teams, whose culture and know-how around the world illustrate how the the company achieve its ambition.

The colors (blue, green, ochre and white) represent life: Water - earth - fire - air.
When the identity for Sanofi-Aventis was launched in 2004, it included a symbol with three human forms and a heart. The cuddly icon was dropped in 2009.

Sanofi-Aventis logo 2004-2009

Sanofi-Synthelabo logo.

Aventis logo.

Press release (English)
Youtube video with an animation of the logo
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  1. It will be interesting to see how far their R&D team get by mixing the elements "water - earth - fire - air". I think science has moved on a bit since then? Wait! I forgot the magic fifth element: hope! Apparently, hope is a strategy.

  2. That last comment was classic. Having worked there, hope is a strategy and tactic...

  3. An outstanding logo – very clean and streamlined, and lightyears ahead of any of the former incarnations. It should serve the company well for years to come. Love the "Bird of Hope" icon, very nicely done. Kudos to all involved with the design process.

  4. I enjoyed reading this, very deep and not within the surface reading this and the transition of the logo uplifted me.