Thursday, June 16, 2011

New logo: Autoneum

On April 13, the shareholders of the Swiss manufacturing group Rieter Holding decided that the company's two divisions would be split into separate companies. While its "Textile Systems" division, which create textile machinery, would remain with the first company and retain the Rieter name, what had until then been known as "Rieter Automotive Systems" would be spun of into a new company called Autoneum and distirbuted to the shareholders.

Autoneum's first day of trading was May 13, when they also launched the visual part of the corporate identity. It was created by MetaDesign Zurich.

The Rieter logo.

From MetaDesign's press release:
The brand clearly shows its heritage in the Rieter Group and thereby the values it continues to stand for. But it also communicates the independence it will need on the market to stand up against powerful competitors. The result is a convincing, high-profile look and feel that will be implemented across all brand touchpoints.


Bruno Schmidt, member of the executive board at MetaDesign Zürich, added, “In Autoneum a new industrial brand has been built in a very short time, one that will prove strongly competitive in Switzerland and markets around the world. We are convinced that the new brand’s look and feel will play an important role in the strength and competitiveness of this young company.”
Autoneum press release April 13 (archive)
Autoneum press release April 13 pdf (archive)
Autoneum press release May 13 (archive)
Autoneum press release May 13 pdf (archive)
Financial presentation (archive)
Metadesign (archive)

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