Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New logo: Power NI

NIE Energy, the leading local electricity provider in Northern Ireland, is about to change its name. On June 21, it unveiled the new name "Power NI" along with its new logo, which includes a colourful circular symbol. The new name and  logo is scheduled to be rolled out starting July 25, and the two names will be used alongside each other during a transition period.

The NIE Energy logo.

At the moment, NIE Energy and its sister company Northern Ireland Electricity use the same "flying E" symbol and similar names, as they used be part of the same operation. The main reasons behind the rebrand is said to be new EU regulation that says related power suppliers and electricity grids should be branded separately, as well as the fact that NIE Energy's owner sold Northern Ireland Electricity last year.

NIE Energy supplies power to over 700,000 homes, which is 95 percent of all households in Northern Ireland.

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