Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New logo: Embraco

Embraco, a Brazilian manufacturer of refrigeration compressors, unveiled a new logo recently. It is credited to Interbrand.

Previous logo.

Different values have been incorporated into the letterforms, for example the interlocked 'c' and 'o' should resemble an infinity symbol.

A short news article about the rebrand was published by Embraco on July 5, along with a brand page.

The following explanation of the logo was published on Embraco's brand page:
The brand values are blended into the new logo. It expands the range of colors that represents our company, inspired by the phenomenon called Aurora Borealis. The contact of solar winds by the Earth's magnetic field appears as a light show in various colors. Some of these colors are now part of the Embraco colors.
  • The color of the logo moves away from the traditional blue to a bluish-green, underscoring our market differentiation;
  • The lowercase letter refers to modernity, proximity and innovation;
  • The letters "R" and "A" are stylized to give the impression of movement and the letters "R" and "G" have exclusive designs, ensuring authenticity to the brand;
  • The symbol of infinity represents the future and continuity of work, not to mention the commitment to sustainability;
Another novelty of the new logo is the presence of the signature: "Power in. Change on." The "Power in" refers to excellence and the product´s potential and its importance within the cooling system. "Change on" signifies the power to change and to transform continuously.

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