Friday, July 29, 2011

New logo: The Francis Crick Institute

About a month ago, the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (UKCMRI), a planned biomedical resarch centre, changed its name to The Francis Crick Institute, to honour the man credited with discovering the structure of the DNA molecule. At the same time, it adopted a completely new visual identity, and this week the UK design agency Heavenly announced that they were behind it.

Heavenly says the "core proposition" for the institute is "The more we connect the more we create", and logo is a visual representation of this. The black square represent the institue and its building, while the coloured tiangles are "people, organisations and skills coming together at the Institute".

Previous UKCMRI logo.
"Collaboration, creativity and tenacity will be essential parts of the Institute’s culture. Scientists will work in new ways and across traditional boundaries to drive forward our understanding of health and disease. Heavenly have delivered a visual identity that reflects the Institute’s vision for its scientists. The identity sets the Institute apart and reflects its ambition to nurture researchers who have the best ideas, the ability to think creatively, work collaboratively and the drive to turn promise into reality" - John Davidson, The Francis Crick Institute communications director in a press release
Heavenly (archive)
Press release

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