Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New logo: Knack&Back (2010)

While the General Mills-owned Pillsbury is a classic American brand, it is relatively unknown outside North America. It can however be seen on products in Germany for a sub-brand called Knack&Back, which means "Crack & Bake" and stands for a products range that started with canned dinner rolls, but has since expanded to croissants and pizza kits.

Last year, an updated logo for Knack&Back was introduced as part of a launch of some new products. In addition to a modernized typography, it removes the circular Pillsbury mark from the Knack&Back logo. The Pillsbury doughboy, or "Teigmännchen" as he is called in Germany, is still featured prominently on all packaging and in advertising.

Previous logo.

The new logo is rolled out slowly, and most products still feature the old one.

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The full range of Pillsbury products in Germany.

Images come from the Knack&Back press service.
Press release issued August 3 (archive)

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