Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New logo: Marsh & McLennan Companies

Marsh & McLennan Companies is a U.S. professional services company which provides risk management, insurance services and consulting through its subsidiaries Marsh (risk and insurance), Guy Carpenter (risk and reinsurance), Mercer (consulting, outsourcing and investment services) and Oliver Wyman (advice and consulting). Perhaps of most interest to my readers, the Oliver Wyman Group includes the brand strategy firm Lippincott.

Recently, the company announced a rebrand, which it claims to be "a long-term effort to reposition the Company brand". It involves going back to the company's historical roots by once again using the full company name, having primarily referred to itself by its stock symbol MMC for over a decade. The company has also introduced a new logo.

Previous logo.

The new logo includes a symbol, which is described as "an abstract, multi-faceted 'M' symbolizing interconnectedness and cooperation". The symbol will also be used in the logos for Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman, creating a consistent look for the parent company and its subsidiaries.

Before the rebrand, the subsidiaries used simple wordmarks in capital letters, all using the same typeface. Those wordmarks are kept, and the same typeface is now used in the corporate logo.

Subsidiary logos.
Although a press release about the changes was sent out on June 17, it is possible that the new has been around for several months before that.

The "M" symbol.

Single colour version of the new logo.

The following press release was published on June 17:
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. today announced a long-term effort to reposition the Company brand by returning to its historical name while also increasing awareness and understanding of its broad expertise in the areas of risk, strategy and human capital. Returning to the Marsh & McLennan Companies name underscores the rich corporate history, growth and leadership within the organization across its risk, insurance and consulting subsidiaries: Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman. The use of Marsh & McLennan Companies in the logo replaces the previous use of MMC as the corporate brand.

Brian Duperreault, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marsh & McLennan Companies commented: “For the last several years, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the challenges we’ve had to overcome as an organization and today the repositioning of our brand is a reflection of our solid financial performance, the breadth and scope of our capabilities, and our best in class talent. Marsh & McLennan Companies has evolved as an organization and the return to our historical name reflects our continued leadership and mission to operate as an elite global professional services company.”

Dan Glaser, Group President and Chief Operating Officer of Marsh & McLennan Companies commented: “This is a pivotal time in our corporate history and our powerful brand equity underlines the diverse portfolio of our leading professional services companies. With Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman, our Company is a global leader in the areas of risk and insurance, strategy and human capital. Our new Partnering for Impact campaign reflects the true scope of our firm while emphasizing our core principals of client success, collaboration, business fundamentals and leadership.”

Partnering for Impact Campaign

Since its inception in 1871, Marsh & McLennan Companies has worked with thousands of clients globally to help them solve complex client problems and seize opportunities while driving growth. The Partnering for Impact campaign features a Marsh & McLennan Companies television commercial that will run in select markets, targeting marketing activities at top-tier events in key industry sectors. The campaign also includes a new website showcasing the breadth and depth of the Company’s intellectual capital: www.PartneringImpact.com.

Orlando Ashford, Chief Human Resource and Chief Communications Officer of Marsh & McLennan Companies said, “The new logo for Marsh & McLennan Companies includes a symbol that represents an abstract, multi-faceted “M” symbolizing interconnectedness and cooperation. The new visual identity represents our diverse portfolio of world-class companies, the diversity of our talent, the broad spectrum of our products, and our commitment to partnering with clients to resolve complex problems and develop strategic solutions.”

The campaign launches Sunday, June 19, at the 47th annual International Insurance Society (IIS) Seminar in Toronto, Canada. A highlight of this year’s event is the induction of Marsh & McLennan Companies President and CEO Brian Duperreault into the Insurance Hall of Fame. Risk and reinsurance pioneer Guy Carpenter, founder of the Marsh & McLennan Companies subsidiary that bears his name, will also be inducted. The Insurance Hall of Fame honors leaders who have made a broad and lasting contribution to the industry and are recognized as peers as successful leaders, innovators and visionaries.
Press release
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