Friday, July 8, 2011

New logo: Munksjö (2010)

Northern Europe is home to vast forests - and profitable paper companies. These companies are of course concerned about their corporate identities, and only this year we've seen two major Nordic pulp and paper companies launch new logos. The Finnish paper company Ahlstrom launched a new logo in late February, while forestry products giant Stora Enso launched its "Rethink" rebrand in April.

Another rebrand which went by without much notice from the design community was the Swedish paper company Munksjö which launched a new visual identity on September 20 last year. It was created by the Stockholm brand agency Volt.

The company has gone through major changes during the last decade. In 2002, it was bought by Ireland's Jefferson Smurfit Group. The Irish sold the company in 2004, keeping Munksjö's packaging business and selling the hygiene tissue business to SCA ("hygiene tissue" = toilet paper, tampons, napkins etcetera). What remained with Munksjö was "décor and specialty paper", niche paper products of high quality.

The new logo keeps the M which has been used by Munksjö for many years, placing it inside a red triangle, with the text "Made by Munksjö" underneath. When possible, the new logo should be placed at the top-right corner, so it looks like a folded corner, symbolizing "Munksjö's role as enabler of innovative product design".

Previous logo.

The previous logo was introduced in 2005 when the M symbol was revived after its brief retirement during the Jefferson Smurfit ownership.

The M on its own.

Munksjö press release - New Logotype (archive)
Munksjö press release - New Communication platform

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