Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7up (2010)

Last year, PepsiCo started rolling out a new look for 7up in the markets where they own the brand, which is essentially every country except the United States, where 7up is a part of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

In March this year, it was reported that the New York design agency TracyLocke was credited with creating the new look. Their case study contained the following introduction:
It’s time to get fresh! That’s why 7up International is stripping it all away and going back to what always made it great: lemons, limes, bubbles, and that iconic number 7. We’re revealing the naked truth that refreshing flavor is what matters most. Telling the whole world that “Simpler Is Better” with a new logo, new packaging, and sparkling activation around the globe. Because 7up knows that a simpler life is the way to a richer life.
Regional branches apparently had great liberty in applying the design. Some markets went for a simpler graphic design with flat circles, while other used meaty slices of lemon and lime with lots of gradients.

Cans with the new logo have been spotted as early as June 2010, with Canada probably being one of the first markets to get the new design. I remember seing the new design back in December. In January, it was discovered that the German division of PepsiCo had set up a website with the new design. The global rollout continued during 2011.

Below is a little gallery with shots of 7up packaging that have been uploaded by Flickr users around the world.

Canadian 7up
Dated July 2, 2010
Uploaded by Like_the_Grand_Canyon

Dated September 28, 2010
Uploaded by MOFILM Team.

7 up
Dated October 22, 2010, taken in Spain
Uploaded by hhrubi.

Dated November 4, 2010
Uploaded by Digi_Munk.

Dated November 28, 2010
Uploaded by benxxi.

Project 365 - Day 363
Dated January 12, 2011
Uploaded by SqueakyMarmot.

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