Thursday, August 4, 2011

New logo: Angoss

Angoss, a Toronto-based company that creates business software, introduced a new brand identity last month. The new logo contains a tree made up of pixels in different colors, replacing the "orbit" logo it has used in different forms since 1997.

"On July 15, 2011, the Company introduced a new brand identity, logo and tagline concurrent with the redevelopment of its website and online presence. The new logo and brand identity communicate the revitalization of the company while also acknowledging its history. The tree logo symbolizes growth, stability and strength and communicates the company's patented and patent pending Decision Tree and Strategy Tree innovations. The new tag line, "Predict. Act. Perform." communicates that Angoss helps businesses predict the best or most attractive, profitable opportunities by discovering valuable insight and intelligence from their data." - Angoss Q2 results report
Previous logo.

Angoss logo from 1997.

Angoss Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2011 Results (archive)


  1. It is certainly an improvement but moves from one dated identity to another. Pixels are associated with low resolution and poor quality in a world of HD. The cut tail on the 'g' is a poor exercise in custom type work.

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