Thursday, August 25, 2011

New logo: Banco Caja Social

The Colombian financial group BCSC was formed some years ago from the merger of Banco Caja Social and Banco Colmena (colmena meaning "hive"). The two bank networks did however continue to operate under separate brands until this week, when they united under one common name, Banco Caja Social.

Previous logo for Banco Caja Social BCSC.

Previous logo for Colmena BCSC.

The rebrand introduces a new pointsymmetric symbol made up of red and blue spots. It is heavily used in ads and on the new website.

The new symbol.

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An example of the new visual language.

The new logo was probably unveiled on August 22. Many reports stress that the Colmena brand will still be used for other purposes, such as insurance services.

Misión Pyme
El Colombiano


  1. You should see this:

    It was launched one year before de Banco Caja Social.

    I would be concerned.

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