Thursday, August 18, 2011

New logo: Beam Inc.

Beam Global Spirits & Wine is an Illinois-based premium liquor company with several well-known global brands, the most famous of which is Jim Beam whiskey. As its owner, Fortune Brands, is intending to spin it off as a separate company, this week, the company unveiled a new name and corporate identity. The descriptors in the name are chopped off, and the company will now simply be known as Beam Inc.

Previous logo.

The previous logo, which featured an ornamental B in a red seal, is replaced by the word "Beam", based on the signature of James B. Beam, the distiller after whom the Jim Beam whiskey is named.

The new corporate identity will launch when Beam is separated from Fortune Brands, and that is scheduled for Q4.
"Our new corporate identity is simple, authentic, memorable and is the perfect reflection of our commitment to the Beam family’s pioneering vision established more than 216 years ago. The Beam signature will now be on every aspect of our global business, serving as a powerful and enduring endorsement of our dedication to quality, innovation and authenticity as we enter an exciting new era of growth as a leading pure-play spirits company." - Beam president and CEO Matt Shattock in a press release
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