Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New logo: Becel / Flora

This spring, the multinational consumer products company Unilever rebranded its high-fat margarine range in a few markets. Unilever has another range of margarines intended at lowering people's blood cholesterol, which is also getting a visual refresh. Internally, this product line is called "Healthy Heart", but to consumers these margarine are marketed under the names Becel (many European markets, Latin America and Canada), Flora (most anglo-saxon markets and Spain), Promise (United States) and Fruit d'Or (France).

Previous logo.

There is even more international variation when it comes to the lettering in the logo and the packaging, and the brand design formula seems to change somewhat now and then. For the last few years, the brand seems to have settled on a logo design featuring two ovals, one yellow, and one white with blue outline, with the local logotype on top.

Recently, probably at some point at the beginning of this year, Unilever started updating the logos again. This time the ovals have been replaced by a more literal outline of a heart.

A quick look through various Unilever websites suggests the updated look has so far been introduced in several European markets, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Sometimes, the logo change has been accompanied by an overall packaging redesign, sometimes the new logo has simply been swapped for the old one.

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