Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New logo: Brains

Brains is a regional brewery in Wales, calling itself the beer of the nation, the Welsh equivalent to Guiness. In early July, Brains unveiled new trademark designs for its cask ales; Dark, SA, SA Gold and Bitter. They were created by Blue Marlin Brand Design, who won the assignment after a pitch.

Brains claim the brief was "to evolve the brands, modernise the look, and create a unique design; all with the aim of engaging with new consumers and appealing to a wider demographic". Blue Marlin's solution re-inforces Welshness in a modern and unique way by including the tail of the Welsh dragon in the label designs.

An article about the rebrand was published on the Brains website on July 5, claiming the new design would be showcased on the Great British Beer Festival, and roll out soon after that.
Two exampels of the new label design, published by the beer blog Brew Wales.

An example of the previous design:

The Brains logo.

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Blue Marlin
Brew Wales
Andrew Wilcox

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  1. The new labels look better. The dragon tail is eye-catching, and it helps create a connection with the previous design.