Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New logo: Cinemax

The U.S. premium movie channel Cinemax is introducing a new look.

While the official website still features the old look, it seems like the channel's profiles on Facebook and Youtube have been using the new logo since May. I don't have access to the actual channel, so I can't confirm whether or not it is used on screen.

The simple slanted logo is an integrated part of a graphics package that seems to be similarly simple and fast-moving, using a color scheme of black, white and dark yellow.

The previous logo was introduced in 1997. That year, three of the major U.S. premium channels decided to add circles to their logos to highlight their TV Guide abbreviations: TMC for The Movie Channel, MAX for Cinemax and SHO for Showtime. Of course, HBO didn't need to highlight anything, as they already used a three-letter abbreviation as its name.

After a rebrand in 2008, a new logo without the circle and the "cine" part was introduced on-screen, but the 1997 logo was still used for outside communication.

The following screencaps come from a promo posted by Cinemax. Hopefully we'll get so see and know more later.

Cinemax Original Series.

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Cinemax presents.

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Only on Cinemax.


  1. They have changed their logo.. I think the new one looks better. check the Cinemax site for the new look and programming lineup.

  2. The old one is so funny...