Monday, August 1, 2011

New logo: Foster's Group and Carlton United Brewers

Foster's Group is an Australian brewing group, whose primary source of revenue is its domestic subsidiary Carlton & United Breweries (CUB). Last week, the company adopted new corporate identities for both Foster's Group and CUB, whose name was altered to Carlton United Brewers. This comes a few months after the company separated from its wine business, Treasury Wine Estates.

Previous Foster's Group logo.

The different glass shapes that were used in the previous Foster's Group logo are replaced by a simple blue wordmark, where the O has been replaced with the oval from the classic Foster's beer label.

Previous Carlton & United Breweries logo.

The 'CUB' mark in the Carlton United Brewers logo has been re-arranged to raise the letter 'U', to put emphasis on the word 'united' and symbolise a raised glass. The oval shape, the a blue colour and concept of a ligature remains, as these aspects had considerable equity.

A press release about the changes was issued on July 29. The following excerpt from it provides further information about the rebrand:
The new name is paired with the slogan "Raised in Friendship". This is the theme of CUB's central belief: if more people raised a beer in friendship the world would be a better place.

"Breweries" has been updated to "Brewers" to better reflect CUB's people who underpin the success of the business, as distinct from the buildings in which they work.

Refreshed logos for both Foster's and CUB complement the new name and beliefs and reflect a business with an exciting future. The key element of the new CUB logo is a raised ‘U', to emphasise the word "united" and symbolise a glass raised as a gesture of friendship.
Press release (archive)
Press release pdf (archive)
Carlton United Brewers logo pdf (archive)

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