Thursday, August 4, 2011

New logo: Gille

Gille is a popular Swedish cookie brand. The company behind the brand also produces cookies that are sold under "store brands" around the world. It was called Gillebagarn until September last year, when its name was changed to Continental Bakeries North Europe AB after its owner, the Dutch Contintal Bakeries group.

However, the Gille brand will remain, and the company intends to invest in it by expanding the product range. This includes a new visual identity and packaging design.

Previous logo.
The previous logo had been used for decades. It resembled an old-fashioned store sign, with the name written in a toned down version of the Pretorian typeface. The new logo is a modernised version of the old one. The new typeface is called Quorum Black.

The biggest change is the packaging which will now use a clean design with a swirling typeface. The packaging design was created by Guts & Glory, an ad agency in Malmö in southern Sweden.

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Gille Jordgubbsflarn.

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Gille Bites.

The new look has been around at least since March this year.

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