Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New logo: Hero Motocorp

The Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero Honda was founded in 1984 as a joint venture between Honda from Japan and the Indian bicycle maker Hero. Some time ago, it was decided that Honda was to leave the group, making Hero the sole owner. As a result, the company has been renamed Hero MotoCorp, and yesterday, August 9, its new corporate identity was unveiled in London at a test cricket match between England and India. The new identity was developed by Wolff Olins.

The new symbol is made up of three shapes that make up the letter H standing at an angle. The red and black colours are carried over from the previous corporate identity.

Hero Motocorp is a leader on the Indian motorcycle market. Ending the joint venture with Honda means it will be allowed to export its motorcycles outside India.

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  1. new name is ok . but logo should be improved....

  2. Logo is too cannot connect to the masses in India... Poor job by Wollf Ollins...!!

  3. its really good dat now Hero can Export outside is also Okay bt nt attractive.....the logo is not at all should be modify.

  4. who did this logo? my daughter can do a better one

  5. logo is too000 bad... i can make better one...

  6. in that logo not having such a attractiveness

  7. logo too bad.. evn the commecial shown in telivision is too confusing and can not connect to masses...

  8. just imagine the logo on Karizma ZMR or any sports bike. It's embarrassing. The agency is loosing it's reputation. There is an emotional attachment of us, with this brand... :(

    Sanjay (


    kinda similar to this IMHO.


  10. The new logo will put the company in problem
    it has three blocks , all are separated.
    having 3D image of H. But how it is possible to
    attach the logo on motorcycle, with three diff
    blocks. this will create confusion. logo must have to be integrated, when comes to motor company.
    definitely this will hamper the image of the company. They did a bluuuunder.

  11. It almost seems like a rip-off of the logo of a company called Houzz (!!

  12. very bad work,,,,confusing Logo, i can make better than this one.

  13. Wolff Olins wow what a mess of a logo for Hero! Had the good fortune / miss fortune of sitting in a meeting ( as a client's insistence)where this caucasian presenter from WO was literally throwing his business cards on the table instead of handing it over to his audience. Signs of pure arrogance.

    Cut to the new Hero logo. Now doesnt the H look like some one has been woking overtime of Microsoft Word Art from the older versions of Microsoft office? Or better still a H shaped bamboo scaffolding on which a mason stands while pastering walls.

    Dear Mr Munjal, its not the costly business suits from hitherland that could give you the flavour of outstanding leadership that you built over 27 years. Its the amazing local talent right here. you also might want to re look your communication for the launch including Rahman's score. Whatever it is do the right thing! You owe it to your self!

    Yours truly
    Branding resource from India & abroad
    ( No competitor of WO)

  14. just hate the logo...

  15. The actual interpretation of the logo can be obtained by completing the 3D image. We are able to see just one of the three planes that creat a 3D image. If you see all the three planes you will see a complete 3 dimesional H.

    The beauty of the logo is that it is incomplete, its a challenge to try and complete the image. It took a couple of days to finally create the entire image.

    If you want to avoid the challenge and take a look at the final product, click the link below (facebook account required)

  16. Hero MotoCorp logo is too bad. I think the logo maker has fooled the Indian two wheeler giant. The logo should be improved and meaningful.
    Even Hero can ask for Indians to design a logo. Indians respect and know the company very well than any other firm from outside.

  17. That magestic HERO HONDA font is no match compared to this blunt looking crap. at least they could have made the font proportional. Even Arial font will be better than this