Friday, August 26, 2011

New logo: Intrax

Intrax, a company that provides global educational programs, like foreign exchange students, au pairs and language education, has introduced a new corporate identity. It was created by MetaDesign in San Francisco.

Previous logo.
From a press release sent out by MetaDesign:
"MetaDesign worked with the executive team and leadership of marketing and sales to develop the essence of the Intrax brand, architecture of the brand portfolio and a new visual identity system representing the concept of "connections".

The logo features a customized typeface with distinct inflections that demonstrate ‘connections’. The most prominent feature of the logo is the letter “x,” from which an arrow shape has been derived and assigned a complementary color. This arrow symbolizes the personal and professional direction, as well as the forward-looking outlook, that Intrax program participants gain.

A highly systemic and versatile design system was developed in conjunction with the logo. An angular graphic device reiterates the concept of connections and direction, giving the brand a dynamic and compelling visual language."
Two of the programs offered by Intrax (Ayusa and AupairCare) have visual identities that match Intrax, and they have maintained that link.

MetaDesign also created a visual device in the form of "ribbons" in the same color as the logo, a continuation on the "connections" theme. An example can be seen below at the entrance of the Intrax San Francisco Center.

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From MetaDesign's Facebook profile.

Although MetaDesign sent out a press release announcing their work yesterday (August 25), the new look has been public for several months.


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