Monday, August 1, 2011

New logo: Northern Illinois University

Last week, on July 26, Northern Illinois University unveiled a new university logo which will be used with its tagline, "Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow", selected last year.

The creation process took place during the spring semester and started by allowing graphic artists across campus to submit their suggestions. Joe Bosack Graphic Design Co. of Pennsylvania were also involved in the design process. The submissions were then narrowed down to two before the final version was selected, with influence from polling and focus groups.

This new logo is not exactly groundbreaking when compared to other modern American university logos. As the NIU vice president for university relation Kathy Buettner told the university community portal NIU Today: "Our new logo was not just an exercise in creativity, nor was it created in a vacuum".

The building seen in the mark is the tower of Altgeld Hall, the landmark building on the NIU campus. The typeface in the wordmark is Lucida Bright Demi. As is costumary with these kinds of university identities, there are several different horizontal and vertical lock-ups of the icon and the wordmark.

Previous logo.

Previously, NIU primarily used different versions of a wordmark in the school colours.

The logo is scheduled for launch on the NIU homepage on August 15. One year later, all university units will be required to use it exclusively.

The new icon on its own.
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