Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New logo: Radiodiffusion télévision ivoirienne

Today, August 9, Radiodiffusion télévision ivoirienne, or RTI, the state broadcaster of the Ivory Coast, was back on the air after the civil war that broke out in the country earlier this year. At the same time, it launched a completely new look with new logos and graphics for its channels and programmes.

Previous logo.

Previous logo for the primary TV channel.

New RTI 1 logo.

News about a new look seem to have first surfaced around July 25. Many reports stated that the launch would take place last Saturday (August 6), but it was apparently post-poned until today.

While the RTI doesn't seem to have an official website yet, they are very active on Facebook, where they have posted lots of shots of the new graphics. A few of them are presented below.

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Break bumper.

Facebook album with pictures of IDs, news intros and logos
Facebook album with pictures from the launch
Facebook video with new news intro
Abidjan.net July 25

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