Friday, August 12, 2011

New logo: Sat.1

The period before the start of autumn programmes is hectic period for TV rebranding. This year, that certainly applies to German television were three of the biggest private television channels have rebranded within a few weeks. It started with kabel eins in late July, followed up with RTL II a few days ago, and yesterday, August 11, it was announced that the second most watched private channel, Sat.1, was about to get new graphics with a logo refresh on August 16.

The new look was developed by "Creative Solutions", the in-house agency of Sat.1's owner ProSiebenSat.1 Media.

Sat.1 logo 2009-2011.

Since 1980s, Sat.1 has used a multi-coloured striped ball as part of its logo, and as an important device for on-screen graphics. In 2008, the ball had become so well established that the channel decided to "do a Nike" and only use the ball as its logo.

After a rebrand in 2004, the ball has usually appeared single-coloured on screen, changing its colour based on it environment. The latest rebrand makes the ball multicoloured again, with eight different colours appearing in its stripes. The slogan "Colour You Life" (yes, in English) will remain, and the new graphics package is said to enforce that slogan.

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Press release 2 (archive)
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