Friday, August 19, 2011

New logo: Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines, the flag carrier formed in 2002 after bankruptcy of Swissair, announced yesterday that it would be "sharpening its brand profile". This involves new corporate logos and a tagline that will be introduced from October.

Current logo.

Swiss' current brand identity was developed by Tyler Brûlé's Winkreative when the airline launched in 2002, and it appears the livery developed then will remain in use. The update is merely aligning the corporate logo with the livery, replacing the red squares used until now with the Swiss tailfin. The intent is to make Swiss instantly recognisable as "the airline of Switzerland", and a tailfin with the Swiss cross is arguably the first thing that comes to mind when one tries to visualise that.

New logo with claim.

The airline is also introducing a new brand claim, "Our sign is a promise", expressing the relatively small airline's continued and increased focus on proximity to its costumers and product quality.

Division logos.

Many Swiss media outlets are comparing the new logo to the last one used by Swissair, which also featured a Swiss cross in a tailfin-like shape.

The last Swissair logo.

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  1. I think, having flown with Swiss myself,and received outstanding service, the current logo sums up Swiss as an airline and the spirit of Switzerland. It was slick and formal and made Swiss stand out as THE airline to fly with. The squares from the 2001 logo are trademark to Swiss. The new logo, compared to the old one, is quite heavy and clumsy, but it has potential so if Swiss pull this off, as they always do, I'm sure it will be a success, however I personally favour the current logo and I will miss it as will everyone who has flown with Swiss. Swiss are making so many upgrades now. Their proposal to replace their Avro RJs with the Bombadier Cseries came as a shock to me and I would love Swiss to spare their RJs and I will miss them when they're gone. This along with the logo upgrade is creating almost a new airline identity all together. I do hope they can maintain their standards and even though the new logo will take some getting use to, and although I still favour the current logo, I wish Swiss all the best in continuing to provide the service of what truly is in my opinion, the best airline in the world.

  2. I don't understand how Swiss is only a 4 star airline. I believe they deserve a 5 star rating. They are better than most 5 star airlines.

  3. Fly Swiss frequently. Always hated the original square logo. Nice job on the rebrand! Now please buy more planes and get me off these horrible, ancient wet leases!

  4. Very nice logo i dont know exactly which company designed this logo if any 1 know please let me know.

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  5. I think the new intent to identify Swiss as a Swiss airline above everything else a bit of a joke,The name should give it away, not the old LOGO revamped, they have gone backwards in time and most of the employees are not even Swiss, not even the CEO.How Swiss is that.