Friday, August 19, 2011

New logo: Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International, the nonprofit that helps its members with public speaking and leadership, is getting a new look. The new visual identity was unveiled on Wednesday, August 17, at the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas.

Previous emblem.

Toastmasters claims this is their first brand update in 70 years. The previous emblem with the cross-layed gavels has been very much simplified, and we're left with a corporate-looking logo with a globe and the name of the organization in the center.

The updates are done "to make Toastmasters’ identity clearer, increase awareness of its impact around the world and focus more on leadership".

Toastmasters' wordmark logo has also been updated.

Previous wordmark logo.

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  1. Not a fan of the new branding. I am a Toastmaster, and I've been hearing about this rollout for quite some time now. Along with a dues increase, this is the best they could come up with?

  2. I beleive, along with many designers, that a logo should never be changed. You may change the context or enhance the logo, but people need to recognize the organization through the logo. I think that this should have be considered. What a shame to loose the CI of almost 90 years!

  3. I agree, this hardly adds value

  4. I've just received the Toastmaster magazin and read about change of logo. I am also disappointed with new one. That is why I googled it now. My perception is that it looks very boring, uninspiring, static and could be appended to any kind of 'wannabe' global company. Colours seem very 80's-90's. Old logo represented tradition yet global connection yet professionalism and quality. This one says none of those (in my opinion, at least).

  5. I agree the other comments, I don't think this logo does anything for Toastmasters. It doesn't say who we are or what we do. At least the old logo had 2 gavels. Maybe they could have added a podium or something speaking related to the logo. However, having an education in advertising in communications, I strongly agree with Juliette's comment in regards to never changing a logo, only enhancing it. It definitely needed an update, but not a whole new logo that is bland and uninspiring. And seriously, what's with the colours?!

  6. Actually still I do not understand what they expect by changing the TM logo. The previous logo had its splendid and meaningful look. The new logo has nothing of that kind. Anyway People will get used to it as the time goes. When we change we should change for better. If they did not change the logo it would have been better. Money making could have been done in some other ways.

    Disgusted Toastmaster

  7. Look everyone, the old logo had a picture of North America front and centre. Let's not be egotistical and say, "the logo should never be changed." Come on now -- life is change. Toastmasters represents world communication, not just North America or USA communication. The world is at war with itself (figuratively and literally.) Look at the world problems with Iraq, Israel, Greece, etc. etc. Let's face it, we need world communication in this all important time in human history. I applaud the change -- go Toastmasters go!!

  8. It is shit. I quit Toastmasters when I saw it. I'd previously been club president and area governor. I work as a graphic designer.

    I think what happened is one of the committee had a friend with a logo design company, so s/he handed them this lucrative contract, got a healthy kickback, the logo design was done in about 30 minutes, and the company then made a massive profit out of reprinting the myriad Toastmasters manuals, banners, ribbons etc.

    This change coincided with the second above inflation fee hike in six years. This at a "not for profit". Give me a break.

    Of course, it's still the best public speaking club out there. Don't let the corrupt management and crappy styling put you off!

  9. Oh, and the "North America" problem (in fact, South America is equally prominent and Africa and Western Europe are also slotted in) could have easily been solved by adopting a whole globe map circular distortion:

    Just put that in a circle, and fit the gavels etc around it. This took me all of five seconds to see.

  10. the New logo of Toastmasters International is better than the past one.
    corporate logo design

  11. I think the logo looks modern. The old one had too muc in it. Logo should be simple.

    1. I mean too much... as in gavel, world map, ribbons. I like the new colours too.

  12. A lot of successful companies have changed logos over the years ...look at Pepsi, Coca Cola

  13. Bitch - bitch - bitch - moan - moan - moan. Man, I read these comments and I just want to slap the lot of you. Accept the new logo change or not - but move on and stop trying to pretend your opinion means something.