Monday, August 15, 2011

New logo: TV3 Norway

TV3 was the first TV channel to break the state monopolies in Scandinavia when it started broadcasting from London in 1987. Today, it is a part of Modern Times Group (MTG) and the brand has expanded into Hungary, Slovenia and the Baltic states.

In Norway, TV3 is the third most watched commercial channel. As part of an effort to regain market shares, the channel launched a new on-screen look today, August 15, which involved a new logo.

Previous logo.

The previous look for TV3 was introduced in August 2009, and was designed by the German motion design agency DMC. The same graphics package was later launched on the TV3 channels in Denmark, Hungary and Slovenia.

This time, the logo and the graphics package will only be used in Norway. The colour scheme goes from purple to orange-yellow, which is seen as more gender neutral, as well as warm and inclusive.

The new rebrand was revealed on August 1 on the Norwegian media site Kampanje. Now word yet on who designed the new look.


  1. Must be in house. Just following redesigns of Viasat's History, Sport, Nature, Explorer, 4, Diema and so on brands...

  2. Plamen,

    The previous TV3 logo was introduced in 2009, and most of the logos you mention were introduced before or slightly after that and designed by the same company (DMC). So I wouldn't put this latest rebrand in the same "batch".