Monday, August 22, 2011

New logo: University of San Francisco

Last Friday, August 19, the University of San Francisco (USF) unveiled its new visual identity, along with a new tagline, "Change the World From Here".

The overhauled identity was created by San Francisco design agency Studio Hinrichs and USF's Dale Johnston, and was developed over eighteen months.

Previous logo.

The previous logo, dubbed the "cross USF logo", was allegedly introduced in 1994 and designed by Landor Associates. It contained a "budded cross" and the initials in a green rectangle.

Three-letter acronyms are generic and confusing, and most of the new logos only use the university's full name, to enforce the university's own identity and its connection to the city where it is located.

The symbol on its own.

USF is a Jesuit Catholic university, and like its predecessors, the new logo includes a cross, although it is now less on-the-nose, and has been hidden in a symbol made up of arrows. They point both inward and outward "reflecting the ongoing dialogue and engagement between the university and society".

As is costumary with university identies there are dozens of lockups of text and symbol for different uses. The logo on the top of this page is the main version, a few others are presented below.

Stacked logo.

One-line wordmark.

Monogram logo.

A few applications of the new identity:

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Printed materials.

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