Sunday, August 28, 2011

New look: MTV International

On July 1, MTV introduced its updated cropped logo in most markets outside the United States. This also meant that the existing identity interstitials shown between programmes were replaced by a new set.

The previous "Pop x 1000%" IDs had been introduced with the previous rebrand in 2009 and were all created with Matt Pyke's Universal Everything. There is an exciting case study available on Universal Everything's website if you want to explore it further.

This time, MTV World Design Studio (MTV WDS) in Milan turned to several independent motion studios from different countries to create new 20 second interstitials. Four IDs were used from the start, while two more are scheduled to be released later on.

The effort was led by MTV WDS creative director Roberto Bagatti. UK sound designer Al Boorman (Wevie) is credited with the music in all the new IDs.

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The German motion design agency Sehsucht in Berlin created an ID called "Close & Caring", featuring three furry characters cuddling inside a planet
"'Close & Caring' conveys a look and feel that equals the warmth and feeling of a hug, as simple as holding hands or sinking under your duvet. Sehsucht created the cute little beasts, developed the story concept, built the vignettes, covered the overall production and post-production (editing, retouching, color-correction, special effects), and created the print templates." - description from Sehsucht
See the ID in HD on Vimeo
Seesucht have also posted a "making of" video

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The ID called "Rhytm Jerk", was created by The Mill in the UK under the direction of Carl Addy, and features toy characters inside pastelle boxes that move with the music.
"Designed and directed by The Mill's Carl Addy, and finished for both on-air and print, 'Rhythm Jerk' shows five bespoke designed 'pop-up' toy characters dancing, collapsing and jerking to some amazing, specifically composed dance music.

It is MTV's World Design Studio Milan (WDSM) and The Mill's most significant collaboration to date. The fully CGI spot took several weeks to complete and involved the skills of a large visual effects team from across both The Mill's Great Marlborough Street and Clipstone Street offices in London.

Carl spent several weeks brainstorming character ideas, with a number of hilarious creations that didn't quite make the cut, and some being signed off only to be replaced with ideas even more ridiculous. In the end it was Metal Dude, Weather Man, Bangle Gal, Bananamana and Sumo who went through to the final film. Once we had decided on which characters should feature, we began work on a 'previs' to start timing out the edits and cuts of how the characters would move and dance.
" - from The Mill
The Mill

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This ID, featuring a character driving forward with increasing speed, is called "Adrenalin Rush" and was directed by the UK design studio I Love Dust.

I Love Dust (archive)
See the ID in HD on Vimeo

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Finally, there's "Bubblegum Love", featuring a girl who lives in a world of bubblegum. It was directed by David Lobser of the production company Blacklist with animation by HiFi 3D. Both companies are based in New York.
"Part of a six ident series, 'Bubblegum Love' is a colorful and flirty coming-of-age tale complete with exploding volcanoes and blooming flowers. Coming at the beginning of a new branding push, 'Bubblegum Love' is sure to give MTV a sexy edge..." - from Blacklist
HiFi 3D
See the ident in HD on Vimeo

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