Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New look: Müller Corner/Light/Rice

The UK subsidiary of the German dairy group Müller, which sells different dairy snacks, like yoghurt and rice pudding, is introducing a new packaging for its main products ranges. The new design was created by the London design agency JKR and brings a more cohesive look for Müller Corner, Müller Light and Müller Rice. The company is also introducing a new line of flavoured milk, Müller Milk, which is using this design concept from the start.
Previous logos.
Until now, these brands have had more varied and complicated package designs. JKR have previously worked with Müller on the now replaced Müller Rice design.

The intention of the rebrand is to enhance the Müller brand and create a branded segment in the cooler aisle that stands out. The new simple design concept prominently features the Müller logo against a blue background, with all subbrand logotype set in the same typeface. On the previous packaging, the Müller logo had a more supporting role behind the product logo. JKR says they chose blue as background colour because it "helps facilitate standout and premium qualities, while complementing the fruit shown on pack for maximum taste appeal". The blue colour also allows the red logo to stand out.

JKR published an article on their work for Müller (archive) on August 8. More examples of the new packaging after the jump.

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New products logos.

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Müller Milk.

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