Monday, September 12, 2011

New logo: Air Australia

The Australian charter airline Strategic Airlines is in the process of turning itself into a low-cost passenger carrier. To mark this change, it will change its name to Air Australia as it prepares to start flights to the United States.

Strategic Airlines was "launched" as a charter airline in October 2008, taking to the skies during 2009, using the logo seen above.

The namechange has been discussed at least since April. It was eventually announced that Sean Cummins of Cummins-Ross had been tasked with coming up with a new brand strategy and designing a livery and corporate identity. Sean Cummins is also credited with the original livery for Virgin Blue, another challenger airline.

The new livery was unveiled at the beginning of September. It featured lime green as the signature colour of the new airline, including a new lime green boomerang symbol. The aim is to portray the airline as both 'Australian' and 'fresh'.

The new name will formally launch on October 30. It seems like a full colour version of the new logo is yet to be released, so we'll have to make do with the monochrome version seen at the top of this article for now.

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The new Air Australia livery.

This pattern can be seen on the tailfin of the old Strategic livery.

The Australian August 12
The Australian September 2
Australian Business Traveller September 2
Press release from October 2008 (archive)

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