Friday, September 30, 2011

New logo: AIS

Thailand's leading mobile phone operator AIS (Advanced Info Service) unveiled a new corporate identity this week. The new logo portray's a green smile, representing "friendship, creativity, growth and clear an steady expression".
"The great inspiration that results in AIS breakthrough in developing unprecedented service in advance of changing demand. In other word, voice of customers and Thai people resonates different demands in each period of time and life. The concept of new platform brand "Your World. Your Way." will enable AIS to support you to "Be more connected to close one in your own way," "Gain deeper connected," "Be joyful in your own way" and "Be inspired to build the future." - AIS executive vice president Somchai Lertsuttiwong
Green is the company's new signature color. Website and ads feature several green "waves" similar to the one in the logo.

Previous logo.

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