Monday, September 5, 2011

New logo: Allinson

Last week, the UK bakery group Allied Bakeries launched a new look for its Allinson brand of wholemeal bread. The new look was created by the London branding/packaging agency Family (and Friends), who were appointed in February through a three-way pitch. The design is inspired by the brand's roots in the Victorian era, hoping the ride the current Victorian trend. The company says the last time the brand was given a new look was in 2008.

Previous logo.

The package design, before and after:

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Previous packaging.

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New packaging.

The company formally announced the rebrand last Tuesday, August 30 (although it was unveiled at least a week earlier through other channels). The updated website launched a few days later. This rebrand has of course already been covered by dozens of food- or design-related websites, so I'll leave you with a few selected links where you can read more and see more images.

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  1. Thanks for this post, really well put together and much appreciated coverage.

    DJ, Co founder, Family (and friends)

  2. You are too kind, Derek, this post is barely more than a few paragraphs and gathered images. Rebrands are often easier to understand when you compare the new and the preceeding design, and I thought this was a noteworthy and nice one. Plus I have a sore spot for all things neo-Victorian :-)

    Looking forward to your next project!