Friday, September 2, 2011

New logo: Animaux

When people around the world want TV programmes on the animal kingdom, they turn to Animal Planet. One exception is France, which is probably the only European country where you can't see that particular channel. Instead, they have a local animal channel called Animaux (which is French for "animals"). It is a part of Groupe AB, which is currently in the process of rebranding its TV channels. As mentioned on this blog, it has previously rebranded Encyclo and RTL9, and now the turn has come to Animaux.

The previous cheetah logo is replaced by a roughed-up wordmark in an orange box. Animaux reportedly turned to the French design agency Aart Design to create the on-air-look, which will include a bunch of ID spots featuring animals.

Previous logo.

Although it had been claimed that the look would launch at the beginning of September, the new logo is yet to appear on the Animaux website, and it doesn't seem like it is on the air yet either. Update: It was later announced that the launch would take place on September 5.


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