Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New logo: Asian Art Museum

Yesterday, September 27, the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, launched a new brand identity at a press conference. It was created by Wolff Olins. The new look can already be seen on the museum's website.

The new logo consists of an upside-down letter A, usually flanked by the word Asian. In mathematics, an upside-down letter A is read as "for all", and the museum says it "communicates the museum's desire to engage all":
"We were attracted by the museum's ambitious vision and desire to build a brand to unlock the potential of its vast collection and thought leadership. Beyond visual expression, the new brand will transform the visitor experience over time to create new ways of connecting the collection and the community, ultimately leading to more visitors and support for its vision." - Wolff Olins strategy director Nick O'Flaherty in a press release
Previous logo.

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Another version of the A.

San Francisco Examiner

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