Monday, September 26, 2011

New logo: C Spire Wireless

Today, the American wireless communications company Cellular South is rebranded as C Spire Wireless. The rebrand was announced last Thursday, September 22.

Reports says that the 'C' stands for 'consumer', and that the name also includes the word 'inspire'. The new symbol for the company is a C with a bunch of spires spouting out from it.

Previous logo.

The previous logo was introduced around 2006 as a modernization of an earlier mark.

Desoto Times Tribune

Update October 30: The new C Spire identity was developed by Lippincott who developed the brand positioning as well as the name and visual properties. The new brand positioning is described as "Inspiringly Intuitive", and the C Spire name reflects that, while avoiding the regionality of the predecessor.

You can read more in Lippinoctt's case study. (archive)

The following images were published by Lippincott.

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In-store posters.

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Plastic bag.

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