Friday, September 30, 2011

New logo: China Airlines

On Wednesday, it was announced that Taiwan's flag carrier China Airlines had joined the SkyTeam airline alliance.

China Airlines took the opportunity the reinvigorate its corporate identity. Although the plum blossom and the seal from the previous logo are essentially unaltered, there's a completely new typeface for the name, and the elements have been re-arranged in what is described as a "simple, harmonized and modern design".

Previous logo.

The current plum blossom was introduced in 1995, and the previous logo originated around that time as well. It replaced a complex symbol that had been used in various arrangements since the 1960s and included the CAL abbreviation, an aeroplane and a flower.

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A picture from the launch event.

Update: October 7: The new corporate identity was created by Brandimage in Paris.

China Airlines press release (archive)
SkyTeam press release (archive)

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