Thursday, September 29, 2011

New logo: Kereta Api

The Indonesian state railway operator PT Kereta Api unveiled and launched a new corporate logo yesterday, September 28, as it celebrated its 66th anniversary.

The new logo features three arching lines, one blue and the two orange, with an arrow, the symbolism being more obvious than in its predecessor.

Previous logo.

The website Desain Grafis Indonesia has collected a bunch of Indonesian logos from the 1990s, including the logo grid for the Keretapi logo.

I can't read Indonesian, but it appears the new logo was selected through a contest. If any Indonesian readers can contribute more information, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section.

Kereta Api press release
Kereta Api
The Jakarta Post

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  1. ehm ... im indonesian, so maybe i can help you to find out about kereta api indonesia new logo. personally i dont like the new logo, it seems boring, old fashion and alot of logo design application is not good if i can choose maybe i will choose the old one.

    And yeah you are right the logo was selected through a design contest

    here the meaning of the logo :
    - 3 curves stripes represent the company aggressiveness
    - the orange curves represent excellent service
    - white arrow represent the company integrity
    - and the blue stripes represent innovation and synergy