Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New logo: Kerrygold

Kerrygold, the brand used around the world to market products based on Irish milk, has been given a new look with a redesigned logo. The intention is to emphasize the brand's Irish origin while giving it a more emotional appearance. The new design was probably introduced earlier this year.

Previous logo.

The Kerrygold name was devised by the Irish Dairy Board in the early 1960s to market Irish butter internationally, and claims to celebrate its 50th birthday next year. According to the Kerrygold website, the previous design was introduced in 1986. It was given a slight update around 2006/2007, when a bit more gold was added.

The new version is essentially a more modern interpretation of its predecessor. All elements from the previous logo are kept, the cow, the grass and the buttercups are still there. A more contemporary typeface is used for the name, but it still mimics Celtic calligraphy. A yellow "light source" (a.k.a. gradient) has been added at the centre.

Kerrygold's German representative sent out a press release about the logo change in June, although the logo has been used for months before that, at least in other territories. In the UK, for example, it has been used at least since February.

The packaging hasn't changed radically either, still trusting its dominating golden colour.

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German packaging.

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German packaging.

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