Monday, September 12, 2011

New logo: Maybank

Maybank, the largest financial group in Malaysia with operations in many other Asian countries, unveiled a new corporate identity last Friday, September 9. Malaysia's prime minister attended the unveiling.

Previous logo.

A press release says that the previous logo has been around since 1993, and that certainly seems believable. The new one keeps the tiger motif and the yellow colour, as stakeholders wanted them kept. They are however given a refresh, and a contemporary typeface is introduced for the wordmark.
"The refreshed corporate identity is more modern and up-to-date – a visual symbol that endears the bank to the hearts of the people in its expanding reach. It incorporates a more noble, majestic rendition of the tiger to further demonstrate the bank’s strength and leadership especially in the region." - Maybank press release
The new corporate identity should be implemented over the coming year.

The tiger head, before and after.

Press release (archive)
Press release pdf (archive)
Speech by the chairman of Maybank (archive)
The Star


  1. Not so much change in this logo :)

  2. Well, almost anything that involves getting rid of a stretched Franklin Gothic wordmark is an improvment. The tiger is also way better, free of the issues that plagued its predecessor.

    I remember seeing the previous logo some time ago on CNN, thinking that it looked terribly outdated.

  3. It's a tiger actually, not a lion =)

  4. the new logo is really good because it really represent the bank.the tiger eyes looks very focus on its vision, the ear are standing which reprsent that the bank listen to customers and staff positive comment while the fangs represent the bank vision of being the first to grab a viable business expansion oppoturnity.

  5. Aku masih suka pada logo yang asli nampaknya logo baru nie semacam kartoon aje.. Ha...Ha..Ha Tak namapk Gah!!! macam sakit aje!!!!!!. Kekalkan yg alsi dengan nama pendaftaran Malayan Banking Berhad.

  6. waste time to change..wasnt gonna make any difference, ppl will not so notice it, juz waste of money, better give the money to charity rather than waste on this to change all the logo in the world