Monday, September 5, 2011

New logo: Sky Sport Germany

The German premium TV broadcaster Sky Deutschland has introduced a new look for its sports channels under the "Sky Sport" banner, which includes new graphcis and logos.

The new look was most likely launched on August 5, co-inciding with the introduction of the broadcaster's third high-definition sports channel ("Sky Sport HD Extra") and anticipating the winter launch of a sports news channel ("Sky Sports News HD"). New U.S.-style graphics were introduced, including a complex ID featuring a computer model of a stadium.

Two logos using the previous template.

The previous look dated back to July 2009, when the Sky brand was introduced in Germany (before that the platform was called "Premiere"). At the same time, all associated channels adopted the Sky brand, using a simple logo template consisting the Sky logo and the name written with a light sans serif typeface.

The new Sky Sports logos will be the first to break away from that template, instead opting for long rectangular logos, somewhat similar to the ones used by Sky in the UK and Italy.

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A screenshot from the new ident. From a Youtube video uploaded by StephenMcFox.

Sky Deutschland are yet to update their website to use the new logos.

Thanks to Randall C for the tip!

Youtube: Promo for Sky Sport HD Extra
Youtube: Promo for Sky Sport News HD

Update October 1: Sky Deutschland are now using the new Sky Sport logos off-air:

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