Friday, September 30, 2011

New logo: Sportsnet

Yesterday, September 29, a new visual identity was unveiled for the Canadian sports networks currently operating under the Rogers Sportsnet name, which includes four regional TV networks and the national "Sportsnet One" TV network. The new look launches October 3 when the networks officially drop "Rogers" from their names to become just "Sportsnet". The recently acquired soccer channel Setanta Sports will be renamed Sportsnet World on the same day.

This is part of major push for the Sportsnet brand by its owners, Rogers Media, which has seen the brand expand into sports radio stations and a sports magazine.

The new identity was created by Sportsnet Creative Services and Troika Design Group. Special theme music was composed by Stephan Moccio and Nikki Yanofsky. All elements of the new identity are based on five brand attributes, "visceral, excellence, robust, engaging and Canadian".

Current Rogers Sportsnet logo.

The rebrand means the network is giving up its previous logo, including the peculiar symbol called "The Player" that has been with the network since the late 1990s.

The new logo is a straight-forward word-mark, with some sporty shapes cleverly underlining the initials S and N in the middle. The network's new slogan is "Fuelled By Fans", and the shapes are apparently called "fuel strokes" by management.

The underlined can be broken out and used separately, presumable for screen bugs and similar elements.

Abbreviated logo.

Logos for all sub-brands are created by simply amending the main logos.

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All the new logos on one sheet.

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