Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New logo: Velocity

Discovery Communications have started using an updated logo for Velocity, their upcoming network for "upscale men", with lots of programmes about motor vehicles, due to launch on October 4.

On April 14 this year, Discovery announced that they were replacing their dedicated high-definition channel HD Theater with Velocity. With this announcement came a logo, consisting of a silver-grey chevron and the name written in a Futura typeface.

Evidently, that was a temporary logo, because Discovery are now using a refreshed version. The chevron is still there, but has been remodeled, and also features a chrome globe.

The original Velocity logo from the announcement back in April.

Velocity announced its programming slate on September 19, and the logo at the top of this page could be seen on that announcement, although it may well have been used some time before that.

Discovery have managed to use at least four different logos for Velocity in the time between the announcement in April and the launch in October. In addition to the two already discussed in this article, there was one version of the April logo with an additional globe added inside the chevron and a different typeface, and Discovery have also posted promos with completely different logo consisting of a wordmark with a globe incorporated in the V. Hopefully, this has has been sorted out and settled by now.

From a promo featuring an alternate Velocity logo.

HD Theater was launched in 2002 as Discovery HD Theater, one of the first dedicated high-defintion channels on cable. In 2007, when Discovery launched dedicated HD simulcasts of its most popular channels, the channel dropped "Discovery" from its name while maintaining its format as a showcase for high-definition programming.

HD Theater logo from 2007.

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