Monday, September 19, 2011

New logo: Yammix

Yammix is a new Romanian brand of flour mixes manufactured by the flour company Şapte Spice, a division of the Vel Pitar group. The brand strategy and design was developed by the Romanian brand consultancy BrandTailors.

According to BrandTailors, bread mixes made for use in bread machines are an unknown product category in Romania, so the challenge was not only to launch a new brand, but a new kind of product.

The brand platform was built around the ease and convenience of baking bread with flour mixes and bread machinse - which is almost magical compared to preparing the ingredients yourself. The package design aims at making the products stand out in the flour category, featuring shots of finished breads and hand drawns figures in flour.

Yammix / Bread, magically!

Yammix / Bread, magically!

Yammix / Bread, magically!
One of the flour drawings.

Scribd: BrandTailors case study
Scribd: BrandTailors press release

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