Thursday, October 6, 2011

New logo: Aimia

Groupe Aeroplan, Canada-based operator of airline loyalty schemes, was rebranded yesterday, October 5, and is now called Aimia. This is a change on the corporate level, and the loyalty plans will continue using their existing names, including Aeroplan and Nectar, towards consumers.

Canadian media reports that Interbrand was behind the rebrand.

Previous logo.

The name Groupe Aeroplan obviously referred to the Aeroplan loyalty scheme, and was no longer considered "an accurate reflection of the company", as it had expanded internationally.

A brand launch video suggest the name was derived from the word "aim". The addition of the corporate -ia suffix repeats that word backwards, creating a palindrome:
"Our ability to identity patterns, to see things from more than one direction, and to discovery new angles is reflected in our new identity and our aim to become the recognized global leader in loyalty management." - Brand launch video
The simple logo seems to be accompanied by a bright colour scheme, not least in the video seen below.

Aimia news release
CBC News
Toronto Sun