Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New logo: Anna's Thins

Anna's is a brand of gingerbread cookies, that originated in Sweden and is sold under royal warrant from the King of Sweden. A bakery in Canada produces Anna's brand cookies for the North American market, where the Anna's thins received a new package design a couple of months ago, created by Turner Duckworth.

The logo has been refined, and the four flavors have been given new warm color coding, red for Ginger Thins, blue for Almond Thins, orange for Orange Thins and green for Chocolate Mint Thins.

New packaging.
Previous packaging.

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Color-coded flavors.

From a press release:
"Anna's Thins new look, created by world-renowned San Francisco-based design firm Turner Duckworth, looks back to the brand's heritage. The logo has been refined and restored and new photography reinforces the appeal of these unique cookies and their distinctive flavors. The new design revitalizes the brand with authentic and relevant meaning, with an eye toward attracting a broader audience.

'We focused on the unique shape and ritual of eating Anna's cookies. The cookie cutter appears to have actually cut the window in the packaging, revealing the cookies inside. We turned a potential negative—broken cookies— into a positive, by observing Swedish folklore and inviting people to make a wish,' said Sarah Moffat, Turner Duckworth Creative Director.
Turner Duckworth also designed a special collector's tin to market the new look.

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Collector's tin.

The new design has been around at least since August. It gained some additional attention when a press release was sent out on October 21.

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