Friday, October 7, 2011

New logo: Chili's

The American restaurant chain Chili's has started rolling out an updated version of its chili pepper logo.

The chili fruit has been redrawn, giving it a cleaner look and making the clever way the stalk acts as an apostrophe clearer. The letter S has switched to the more elegant Sari typeface.

Previous logo.

The previous logo was probably introduced around 2002. However, the "classic" Chili's logo with the swirling H-L ligature remained in use for a long time after that.

It seems like the new logo was introduced in September. It's not clear exactly when that happened, but various outlets associated with Chili's have been using the logo since at least September 22. The changes were reported on in the New York Times on September 29. As of today, the official Chili's website still features the old logo.

Update October 18: I've been informed that the new design was created by Tesser Inc, America's restaurant branders, who were also behind the Del Taco rebrand in August. A brief case study is available on the Tesser website.

Classic Chili's logo.

New York Times


  1. Chili's new logo and store redesign was created by Tesser in San Francisco -

  2. I want this logo can? the old one at the bottom

  3. Its really beautiful logo, Depict chilly in cute and stylish way that even non chilly food lover would love to try there food.