Monday, October 31, 2011

New logo: The Comedy Network

Canadian cable TV channel The Comedy Network is introducing a new visual identity. This includes a new wordmark logo, which replaces the cheesy oval the network has used in various forms since the 1990s.

The Comedy Network is essentially the Canadian equivalent of Comedy Central and has long benefited from an exclusive license agreement which gives it access to all original productions from the US channel. Just like Comedy Central, it seems The Comedy Network is switching from a three-dimensional on-air environment to more flat graphics, although the typography is less bold and the colors are brighter.

The last iteration of the oval Comedy logo.

"Designed to best reflect the current programming strategy, the rebranded channel presence, complete with a redesigned logo, can be seen on everything from signage to on-air promos. Simple yet limitless in its potential use, the fun and colourful new branding for Comedy allows for the channel's personalities to be integrated into applications of the new elements." - Press release

"Our ultimate goal with this rebrand is to develop a new look that's fresh, spirited and has the versatility to work on every platform. Be it on-air, in print or on digital platforms, this is a new image that connects us with comedy in all media." - Jon Arklay, Bell Media Agency vice president of creative and brand
The rebranding was announced on Friday, October 28, and launches tomorrow, November 1, at 6 am.

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Outdoor advertising.

The following snapshots come from an extended rebrand promo, provided by The Comedy Network.

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Ironic logo unveiling.

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New episodes (of old s#!%).

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Daily Show & Colbert (these images must be like ten years old).

Bell Media PR
Sacramento Bee

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