Thursday, October 13, 2011

New logo: Dulux, Let's Colour

Several paint brands belonging to the Dutch chemical company AkzoNobel have been given a new common visual identity, created by Design Bridge.

Overall it is about a dozen different brand names that are getting a new look, the most prominent being Dulux, which is used in many Anglo-Saxon, Asian and European markets. Other affected brand names include Flexa in the Netherlands, Levis in Belgium, Sadolin in Denmark, Bruguer in Spain, Marshall in Turkey, Vivechrom in Greece, Alba in Argentine, Coral in Brazil and Inca in Uruguay.

Dulux logo used in the UK.

Having previously used different brand identities in different markets, the names are now joined under the "Let's Colour" brand platform. The phrase acts both as a strapline and a generic designation for the product category. At the center of the new design is the "Flourish logo", a lively colour wave extending from the hand of a white figure, epitomizing the "Let's Colour" spirit.

The new look has been in use for some months; it was launched in India in mid-August. The rebrand has gotten additional attention this week, as AkzoNobel has dubbed October 10-14 "Let's Colour Week" and the new design is launching into Western markets. Other regions are scheduled to follow during the year.

The following images were published by Design Bridge:

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