Thursday, October 13, 2011

New logo: EastWestBank

A month or two ago, the Philippine EastWestBank launched a new corporate identity, created by FutureBrand Singapore. The bright logo features a purple and limegreen colour scheme and the FF Max typeface.

"Our new brandmark is created from two arrows representing the directions of our name, east and west, coming together to symbolize the relation ship between the Bank and customer, in the heart of which good things happen.
The two arrows meeting together create a center that represents our focus on customer needs and expectations, consistent with our brand tagline – Your Dream Our Focus.
Our new signat ure color is a light, fresh green that connotes renewal, growth, freshness, ‘go’ and similar positive associations. It is a new expression of the green that played a small but pivotal role in our previous corporate identity. Amidst the usual colors in the banking sector, ours is completely unique, personifying our ambition to offer something different, as well as having strong visual impact that speaks of our ‘stand-out’ qualities.
" - EastWestBank annual report
The "arrows", the typeface and the color scheme are also used throughout the bank's annual reports, ads and publications.

Previous logo.

A news article suggests the new logo was launched on September 2 to celebrate the bank's 17th anniversary. The Philippine design blog One Design PH published an article in Mid-August that provides more details and images.

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