Monday, October 17, 2011

New logo: ExpressJet

Back in July the American regional airline Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) announced that it would adopt the name SureJet as it was merging with ExpressJet, a previous competitor. The plan backfired after protests from employees, and the name was retracted faster than you can say "Gap logo".

Last Friday, October 14, it was announced that the name ExpressJet would be adopted for the entire company. The new name and logo had been rooted in the company through an internal vote. The slightly altered ASA symbol that was used for the retracted SureJet logo will be used for the new ExpressJet logo.

The new name and logo is formally adopted on December 31, when the merger is completed.

Thanks to Adrian Mata for the tip.

Atlantic Southeast logo.

ExpressJet logo.

The retracted SureJet logo.

ASA press release
ASA press release pdf

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