Friday, October 21, 2011

New logo: GrundyUFA and Grundy LE

Grundy UFA and Grundy Light Entertainment (LE), two German TV production companies, unveiled new logos yesterday, October 20. Both companies are owned by RTL Group, Grundy UFA produces scripted drama series, while Grundy LE does light entertainment, such as variety and game shows. They are behind several popular German drama series and programme formats.

The rebrand means that the Grundy-G previously used by both companies disappears from the German market. Grundy UFA also drops the "UFA-rhombus", as well as the space between its two names.

Instead, we get new all-caps wordmarks, with some quirky cuts in the lettersform to create "a dynamic design". The new logos were created by the Cologne agency Buntebrause.

Previous Grundy Light Entertainment logo.

New Grundy Light Entertainment logo.

Previous Grundy UFA logo.

From an article published by RTL Group:
At Grundy UFA, the company names ‘Grundy’ and ‘UFA’ were merged, and the company deliberately chose to forego any further symbols or decorative elements. The new design is meant to have a likeable, friendly and emotional look. A clear, modern font gives the logo a distinctive character. The cut and arrangement of the letters creates a dynamic design. The colour scheme remains the same: the Grundy Light Entertainment Logo in bright orange, the Grundy UFA Logo in a fresh blue.

Rainer Wemcken, Managing Director Grundy UFA, says: “By transforming the logo into a pure word mark and visually merging the ‘Grundy’ and the ‘UFA’ we have drawn the logical conclusion from our development: born of a joint venture, we are now an established company in our own right. The characteristic UFA word mark will remain part of the logo – after all it is our strong parent, whose name we also bear. The new, modern logo makes visible our cooperative, friendly and strong ties with our sister company Grundy Light Entertainment.“
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